Save The Pencil (iPhone & iPod Touch)

Save The Pencil HD (iPad)

Features: Requirements:

"It's Join The Dots - But Not As You Know It!"

The world could be about to change. The future of the pencil is in doubt. Your quest, to Save the Pencil, begins here!

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You are HB; young, sharp and full of lead. A pencil on a mission to join the dots but there’s a rebellion in the stationery cupboard! The paper clips, rulers, erasers and their friends are angry, and they’ll do anything to stop you. Guide HB to safety and collect the bonus stars to unlock more challenging levels!

Each of the 120 levels across 8 different chapters requires skill, logic and speed. Only the most precise tappers will be able to collect three stars on every level!

Can you unlock all of the Game Center achievements?

Save The Pencil Highlights:

  • Fun, addictive gameplay with plenty of variety. Tap the dots to move HB safely through each level.
  • 120 challenging puzzles across 8 chapters will keep you tapping away.
  • Unlock and play as different characters.
  • 50 additional unlockable bonus levels.
  • P4RC implementation. Earn real life rewards whilst you play!
  • Full Game Center integration, with chapter leaderboards and over 30 achievements to earn.
  • Collect three stars on every level. Some may be simple, but others are perplexing!
  • Regular updates providing new levels and new enemies.
  • End of chapter bosses offer a unique challenge.
  • Different enemies interact with gameplay in different ways. Dodge paperclips, avoid spinning rulers, race erasers, and more!
  • All your favourite stationery characters in one game!
  • Full Retina Display support (for iPhone, iPod and 3rd generation iPad).

Version 2.0

• Major performance improvements.
• UI refurbishment.
• Another super big, super secret change!

Version 1.94

• Special secret change!!!
• Bug fixes.

Version 1.93

• Bug fixes.

Version 1.92

• Stability fixes.

Version 1.91

• Fixed P4rc bug.

Version 1.90

• iOS7 fixes.
• Artwork update.

Version 1.81

• iPhone 5 Widescreen support.
• Push notifications to keep you up to date.
• Code optimisation to make the gameplay run smoother and faster.
• Bug fixes.
• Save the Pencil 2 link added.

Version 1.71

• Christmas theme reversal.
• Bug fixes.

Version 1.70

• Chapter 8, Wrapping Paper added. 15 new levels!
• New FREE character, Santa HB!
• Unlocked all bonus packs for free!
• iOS 6 bug fixes.

Version 1.61

• Fixed Parcel Paper Level 10.

Version 1.60

• Chapter 7, Parcel Paper added. 15 new levels of pencil saving fun!
• New Blueprint Bonus Pack – 10 tricky levels for you to master.
• New Boost dots.
• New Whiteout enemy.
• New Gold HB character.
• Unlock chapters early in the Upgrades section or directly from the Chapter Select screen.
• New Free Dots options. Like Perfect Dimension on Facebook and get 250 free dots!

Version 1.50

• P4RC integration. Earn real life rewards as you play!
• New Graph Paper Bonus Levels - Lots of great new puzzles!
• New items in the Upgrades section including Speed Boosts and a Free Blue Dot area!
• A Blue Dot Tripler is now available! A one-off purchase will triple the speed you collect Blue Dots for life!
• Navigation to Upgrades section improved.
• Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.40

• New Printer Paper chapter. 15 brand new levels introducing the Stapler enemy and Booby Trap Dots!
• New bonus level pack for Loose Leaf.
• New Ralph 'The Cat' Pencil character.
• Some store prices reduced. We took your comments on board and hope you like the changes!
• Follow us on Twitter for free Blue Dots!
• Fixed bug in Square Paper Bonus Level 5 which making it easier to complete.

Version 1.31

• Fixed Help section crash.

Version 1.30

• New characters you can play as, Miss H and Professor P! Check them out in the characters section on the Options page.
• Added visual indication of touch detection to Blueprint to alert users when scissors are cutting.
• The above explains/fixes the unresponsive dots issue some of you have mentioned to us in Blueprint. Note: You cannot move when the scissors are cutting.
• Fixed glitch with stars in Square Paper Bonus Level 2.

Version 1.20

• New Chapter: Blueprint, with 15 new levels.
• New scissors enemy and teleport dots!
• 20 additional new unlockable bonus levels for Chapters 1 and 2.
• New free wallpaper in store.
• 8 new Game Center achievements.
• Fixed bug which caused crash when you pressed green skip button just before level over layer appeared.
• Fixed order of blue dot items in store.
• Added Game Center Sync button in options to manually update your achievements on Game Center based on locally stored achievements (i.e., if there was a problem with your achievement being registered on Game Center).
• Other small additions and fixes.

Version 1.10

• Users now collect Blue Dots in play.
• Added Store, where users can buy and spend Blue Dots.
• Added ability to skip and complete levels.
• News ticker added to Main Menu screen.
• Information buttons changed.
• Added new Chapter 5 screen to show upcoming levels.
• Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.01

• Fixed small audio bug which in certain circumstances caused app to hang when returning from background.

Version 1.0

• Initial stable release.