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Posted On: 13th September 2013

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil 2 – The Wait is Almost Over!


So, after what seems like an incredibly long wait, we’ve finally finished Save the Pencil 2. And by finished we mean completely finished, tested and ready to submit to the Appstore, which we’ll be doing shortly. We’ve had people asking us almost every day for the past year, and we’re incredibly sorry it’s taken so long, but we really hope you all like what we’ve come up with….

We don’t want to spoil the surprise too much, but Save the Pencil 2 brings a host of new features….new levels (of course!), new dots, enemies you can interact with and more, all packaged up in a far more graphically advanced format. There’s new playable characters like before, but this time they have their own characteristics and some even have super powers!!!

We’ve also worked a lot on the code behind the scenes, which should result in superior gameplay. We’ve included support for iPhone 5 and added iCloud syncing, so you can play on your iPad, then pick up where you left off on your iPhone.

As soon as we have a firm release date we’ll post an update…stay tuned to our Twitter feed and Facebook page for the latest news!


Posted On: 15th August 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil 2 – Be Involved!

It’s getting to that time where we begin to switch our focus away from Save The Pencil and towards Save The Pencil 2, which we hope to launch later in the year. Development is in the very early stages, and there are already some significant changes, but we want to know how we can improve it further to make Save The Pencil 2 the best game on iOS!

That’s where you, the Save The Pencil community, come in. We want to know all your ideas for Save The Pencil 2. This can be anything from a totally new concept of play, to simply a new type of character or enemy. Let us know what you love about Save The Pencil, and what you don’t like so much?

Please comment below… we value all your feedback, and who knows, you may see your ideas realized on your iPhone/iPad screen when Save the Pencil 2 is released!

As always, a big thank you from Perfect Dimension for being such a great, supportive community.


Posted On: 14th August 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil v1.6 Update

This update brings the new PARCEL PAPER chapter, which introduces Boost Dots, Tape and the Whiteout enemy! We’ve added the ability to unlock chapters early and in celebration of the Olympics, there’s a new character, Gold HB!

We’ve also added more FREE DOT options in the upgrades section! Enjoy!

• Chapter 7, Parcel Paper added. 15 new levels of pencil saving fun!
• New Blueprint Bonus Pack – 10 tricky levels for you to master.
• New Boost dots.
• New Whiteout enemy.
• New Gold HB character.
• Unlock chapters early in the Upgrades section or directly from the Chapter Select screen.
• New Free Dots options. Like Perfect Dimension on Facebook and get 250 free dots!

Posted On: 2nd July 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil Meets P4RC


At Perfect Dimension, we’re really happy to announce that we have teamed up with P4RC to give our Save the Pencil players something new! P4RC allows users to earn real life rewards as they play. That’s right, you can earn gift cards and other rewards from top brands such as Amazon, Best Buy, Gap, etc. What’s more, there’s no adverts and no annoying pop ups. Just sign up, login, play Save The Pencil as usual, then redeem your points when you like! Here’s more from P4RC and then we’ll explain in detail how it works with Save The Pencil.

So, how does this integrate with Save The Pencil? Well, first, you need to make sure you’re using v1.5 or higher. You can check your version by going to the information page within the app. If you don’t have the latest version, it’s time to upgrade. Just visit the App Store and hit the updates tab – it’s free and you’ll get a bunch of other new content which has been added since you last updated.

Now you’re on the latest version, you should have noticed a new blue icon on the home screen. This is the P4RC button, and it controls you’re entire P4RC experience. It’s that simple. Make sure you have an internet connection, then tap the button to bring up the P4RC info page. From here, tap ‘Sign Up’ near the top of the screen which will take you to a P4RC sign up page.

From here you can create a new P4RC account, or if you already have a Facebook account, just log in directly with that instead. Don’t forget to check the Terms and Conditions check box before clicking Login. Once completed you’ll remain logged in until you log out, and all your future Save The Pencil points earned will earn you P4RC points.

So how do you know how many points you’re earning? When you successfully complete a level you should see your new P4RC points on the summary screen. If you don’t have a connection to the internet you may not see your points earned, but fear not, if they can’t be sent at that time, they are stored locally and will be uploaded to the P4RC server as soon as your connection returns! You’ll also see a ‘tap to redeem’ message and the P4RC button. You don’t need to tap the button to store your points, it is simply there for your convenience – allowing you to check your overall points total or even better, spend those hard earned points whenever you like.

The higher your level score in Save The Pencil, the more P4RC points you’ll earn, but that’s not all. Levels have been weighted by difficulty, so on harder levels there’s more P4RC points up for grabs. Master the hard levels and you’ll see your P4RC points total soar!

Note:- To change your region for P4RC rewards tap the P4RC button, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the region select menu as pictured above. If you’re region is not yet currently supported, don’t worry. You can continue to collect P4RC points to use at a later date when P4RC expands.

We hope you like this new addition as much as we do. It’s great to know that our Save The Pencil players are now not only having fun, but also being rewarded whilst playing! Don’t forget, you can also visit to redeem earned points and find out more!

Posted On: 24th June 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil v1.5 Update

This update brings P4RC implementation. We’re really happy P4RC has chosen to team up with Save The Pencil and now you can earn real life rewards whilst you play! We’ll have a separate post soon explaining P4RC in more detail. We also have a new chapter, Parcel Paper, coming very soon, but in the meantime here’s what’s new in this version.

• P4RC integration. Earn real life rewards as you play!
• New Graph Paper Bonus Levels – Lots of great new puzzles!
• New items in the Upgrades section including Speed Boosts and a Free Blue Dot area!
• A Blue Dot Tripler is now available! A one-off purchase will triple the speed you collect Blue Dots for life!
• Navigation to Upgrades section improved.
• Other minor bug fixes.

Posted On: 10th May 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil v1.4 Update

We’re pleased to announce that Save The Pencil v1.4 and Save The Pencil HD v1.4 are both now available in the App Store. As usual the update features lots of new stuff, so let’s get to it.

Firstly, there’s a brand new chapter, Printer Paper, with 15 new challenging levels. We listened to your comments on the previous Blueprint update and hope we’ve done an even better job on this latest release. Printer paper introduces a new Stapler enemy, and also a new kind of dot, but we’ll let you find out about them yourself!


We’ve  added a new Bonus Level pack, this time for Loose Leaf and there’s a new character to be unlocked, Ralph the Cat Pencil! What’s more we’ve taken your  suggestions on board and reduced many of the store prices including Bonus Packs and level skips/completes and we’ve added an option in Chapter Select for you to follow us on Twitter and earn yourself 500 additional Blue Dots, for free!

Finally, there’s a few minor bug fixes, most notably the one many of you experienced regarding collision detection in Square Paper Bonus Level 5.

We hope you all like the update and as always, please get in touch with us here, on Facebook or on Twitter and let us know your feedback.

Posted On: 5th April 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Half A Billion Levels Played

Celebrate With Us! It’s Competition Time!

We’re exceptionally proud to announce that Save The Pencil has now been played over half a billion times. That’s right, there have been over 500,000,000 level attempts by our 3.4 million users! So we think it’s about time we gave something back, and we’ve come up with a pretty cool idea.

We want to produce an awesome video for Save The Pencil. Not a video of gameplay, but a video of YOU guys, your parents, your children, your friends, your grandparents, maybe even you’re exceptionally talented pets actually playing the game. We’ve received some really funny clips over the past few months, and would welcome a bunch more so we can put together a great little trailer. The reactions of people playing Save The Pencil make fantastic viewing, so if you get super happy, super mad, or somewhere in-between, we’d love to hear from you.

We’ll do our best to use every single video we receive, and of course, there’s prizes to be won for the best entries! The winner will receive a $50 iTunes Gift certificate, with selected runners up receiving smaller denominations. In order to enter, please email video clips to If it’s easier you can mail us a youtube link to the video instead.

Not able to take a video? Well, we may be able to use some still images too, so feel free to send us pictures of you playing Save The Pencil, or anything else that is Save The Pencil inspired!

We would also like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that work has begun on Save The Pencil 2, which we hope to release later in the year. We’ve learnt a lot from the original Save The Pencil and can promise you all that the second version will be better in every way! We take all your Facebook / Twitter comments and your emails on board, so please keep them coming.

Also, no need to worry, development and updates on the current Save The Pencil will continue.

Posted On: 29th March 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil (and HD) v1.31 – Help Fix

In the changes we made in v1.3 of Save the Pencil, we redesigned the pencil sprite implementation to handle different characters. We forgot, however, to update the help section to utilise these changes resulting in the app crashing when users tried to enter help…whoops!

Really sorry about this and are pleased to let you all know this has now been rectified. In v1.31 you should be able to read help until your heart’s content.

Thanks for your patience and apologies again.

Posted On: 29th March 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Convertizo 3.1 Now Available

Just a quick update on Convertizo….you may have noticed v3.1 is now available. This added retina support for the new iPad, and fixes a couple of other minor issues including the flow icon on retina iPhone/iPod screens.

If you have any unit requests, remember, you can get in touch and we’ll add them for you.

Posted On: 13th March 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil v1.3 – New Characters, Blueprint Fixes (Dot Response).

Version 1.3 of Save The Pencil is now live in the App Store. This version is a small update, which we have tried to get out as soon as possible, as it deals with an issue many users have been experiencing. Let’s begin with that…

Since the Blueprint update we’ve had a number of users get in touch or leave negative reviews in the App Store claiming the touch detection in Blueprint is poor and the game does not work properly. This is actually incorrect, but we can understand why they feel this way. In Blueprint, we introduced Scissors. Playing against Scissors is like playing a game of Chess. You move, they move, you move, they move. You CANNOT move whilst the scissors are cutting, and it is for this reason users incorrectly feel the dots have become unresponsive. They are trying to move before the Scissors have finished. And if they are playing with the sound off, there is no way for them to know their touch has been detected.

So what have we done to resolve this issue? Several things. Firstly, we’ve increased the speed with which the scissors move to their next cutting point. Secondly, we’ve increased the speed with which the scissors move having completed a cut. And finally (and perhaps most importantly), we have added a visual warning message which appears if you try to move whilst the Scissors are still cutting. We hope this helps everyone out, and we’re sorry we were unable to communicate the way the Scissors worked in a clearer fashion.

Now onto the good stuff…

Lots of users have gotten in touch and asked if we could add not just new enemies, but also new pencils you could play with. So we have…v1.3 features two new characters, Miss H, a pink pencil with a pink lead, and Professor Prop, a propelling pencil with a green lead. We’ll be adding a new character in each update. To access the character select screen, simply go to Options and tap the Characters button.

Finally, we have lots of requests for new levels already, and we are, as always, working on new levels. As Blueprint was just released however, the next chapter won’t be out several weeks.