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Posted On: 13th September 2013

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil 2 – The Wait is Almost Over!


So, after what seems like an incredibly long wait, we’ve finally finished Save the Pencil 2. And by finished we mean completely finished, tested and ready to submit to the Appstore, which we’ll be doing shortly. We’ve had people asking us almost every day for the past year, and we’re incredibly sorry it’s taken so long, but we really hope you all like what we’ve come up with….

We don’t want to spoil the surprise too much, but Save the Pencil 2 brings a host of new features….new levels (of course!), new dots, enemies you can interact with and more, all packaged up in a far more graphically advanced format. There’s new playable characters like before, but this time they have their own characteristics and some even have super powers!!!

We’ve also worked a lot on the code behind the scenes, which should result in superior gameplay. We’ve included support for iPhone 5 and added iCloud syncing, so you can play on your iPad, then pick up where you left off on your iPhone.

As soon as we have a firm release date we’ll post an update…stay tuned to our Twitter feed and Facebook page for the latest news!


Posted On: 15th August 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil 2 – Be Involved!

It’s getting to that time where we begin to switch our focus away from Save The Pencil and towards Save The Pencil 2, which we hope to launch later in the year. Development is in the very early stages, and there are already some significant changes, but we want to know how we can improve it further to make Save The Pencil 2 the best game on iOS!

That’s where you, the Save The Pencil community, come in. We want to know all your ideas for Save The Pencil 2. This can be anything from a totally new concept of play, to simply a new type of character or enemy. Let us know what you love about Save The Pencil, and what you don’t like so much?

Please comment below… we value all your feedback, and who knows, you may see your ideas realized on your iPhone/iPad screen when Save the Pencil 2 is released!

As always, a big thank you from Perfect Dimension for being such a great, supportive community.