Feel free to contact the Perfect Dimension team with any queries you may have. We try our best to reply to a majority of messages and do read them all.

Note: Before getting in touch, please make sure you refer to the frequently asked questions below. You may find the answer you've been looking for. In addition, all support queries should be filed through the support section of the site. Support queries directed inappropriately will not be answered.


Are you hiring?
Please visit the about page. Any current opportunities will be listed under "The Team" section.

Can we hire you?
Although we are generally busy working on our own ideas, we do solicit projects from external parties on occasion. If you have something interesting you would like us to develop, please use our contact form to get in touch. Be sure to include the key details and contact information.

I'm having a problem with one of your apps. Can you help me?
Please direct all support queries to the specific applications support page. You may find the answer you have been looking for there. If not, be sure to include as much information as possible in any correspondence you send to us. You can view the support index here.

Your app is great, I want to tell you how much I like it...
Firstly, Thanks! Secondly, do send us a message. But thirdly and most importantly make sure you rate (or even better review) our app in the App Store. A higher rating = more downloads which = more time spent on improving the app and adding new features.

What's wrong with Android?
Nothing at all. Android is a great platform. We just simply do not have time to develop cross-platform at the moment.

I love your apps. Can I be a beta tester?
We appreciate the enthusiasm but our general rule is, if we are looking for beta testers, we'll find you. On occasion we may publicise opportunities, so make sure you follow us on Twitter to be first to know.

I have a really great idea for one of your apps. What do I do?
We love getting suggestions for new features from our users. We ask that you file suggestions in the support section. From there, browse to the app in question and use the contact form provided.

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