Posted On: 11th December 2011

Posted By: Paul D

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Convertizo 2.0 Released

We’d spent so much time working on Save The Pencil that we’d somewhat neglected Convertizo over the past few months. Anyways, that changed this week when I took some time out to update the app for Universal (iPhone & iPad) support. The ever quicker Apple approved the update in record time, and now it’s live in the App Store.

It seems that our customers have welcomed the update, with a couple already getting in touch to say they’re delighted that they can now use Convertizo on their iPad for free!

If you’re not already a user, Convertizo is a clean, simple Unit Converter, capable of converting between hundreds of different units across 12 categories. It also features live exchange rate import for currency conversions.

If you feel like checking it out, here’s the App Store link.

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