Posted On: 29th March 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Convertizo 3.1 Now Available

Just a quick update on Convertizo….you may have noticed v3.1 is now available. This added retina support for the new iPad, and fixes a couple of other minor issues including the flow icon on retina iPhone/iPod screens.

If you have any unit requests, remember, you can get in touch and we’ll add them for you.


  1. Michae Hunter
    December 29, 2016

    With regards to Convertizo 3 any plans for basic calculator functions? Example issue I have. I’m on a website to buy a product the price is 8.2 Euros with 70% off and I want to convert the final price to $CAD. I have to first launch a calculator app to do the 70% discount then go back to your app to convert this value to $CAD. Maybe I’m missing something in your app?


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