Posted On: 18th July 2011

Posted By: Paul D

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Convertizo v1.0 released

Our unit convertor app Convertizo is now live in the App Store. Convertizo is our debut app and was initially created to familiarise ourselves with the app releasing process. It has since grown into an attractive, stable, and highly usable application which we believe is well worth a download in its own right. There are several unit convertors available and whilst some are simple to use and others look pretty, very few combine the two into one application. Convertizo does just that and furthermore, has an incredibly large range of units available including both US and Imperial measurements of volume which many apps miss.

We hope you like the app and find it as useful as we do. If you have any feedback, suggestions for improvement or categories/units you would like to see added, please get in touch.

Go to our Convertizo page here. Download the app here.

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