Posted On: 8th March 2012

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Save The Pencil v1.2

We’ve worked our socks off over the past few weeks and are pleased to be able to say that v1.2 of Save The Pencil is now available so head on over to the App Store and get updating!

This version adds a bunch of new functionality and features, which we’re going to briefly run through now.

Firstly, Chapter 5 (Blueprint) is now live, with 15 brand new levels of pencil saving goodness. Chapter 5 introduces Teleport dots, which add a whole new dimension to the puzzles and are sure to test your grey matter! A new enemy is also introduced, this time, it’s scissors! We won’t spoil the surprise, but expect to get even more annoyed with these guys than you did with the paperclips and rulers!!!


We also added a few new items to the store. Firstly, you’ll see there’s a new wallpaper, which is not only pretty frickin’ awesome, but is also free! One condition, you have to have liked us on Facebook first. A small price to pay! We’ve also added bonus level packs. Bonus level packs each feature 10 brand new levels (including a new boss level) for existing chapters. Version 1.2 adds bonus packs for Lined Paper and Square Paper, so 20 new levels in total. Even if we say so ourselves, these levels are some of the best yet and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed if you choose to spend your hard earned Blue Dots on them.

The other major change is Game Center, where there are 8 new achievements. We hear your feedback and we’re going to be adding lots more exciting achievements in future updates, but for now, we hope what we have added will keep you content until then.

We’ve also fixed a few of the bugs you guys had told us about, the main one being using the green skip button within a level end sometimes caused a crash when you chose your option from the resulting pop-up. That’s now totally gone, so feel free to tap away.

Finally, there’s a new Game Center Syncing (G\Center Sync) option to the options page. All this does is run through all your achievements stored on the device and makes sure they’ve also been awarded on Game Center. We had a few issues with users not seeing all their achievements as complete due to connection issues with their devices whilst playing etc, so this gives you a way manually make sure it gets updated when you are sure you have a live connection to the net.

And that pretty much wraps it up. We hope you like the update and welcome any feedback. Now it’s back to the drawing board for Chapter 6! Who knows what it may be!

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