Posted On: 13th March 2012

Posted By: Paul D

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Save The Pencil v1.3 – New Characters, Blueprint Fixes (Dot Response).

Version 1.3 of Save The Pencil is now live in the App Store. This version is a small update, which we have tried to get out as soon as possible, as it deals with an issue many users have been experiencing. Let’s begin with that…

Since the Blueprint update we’ve had a number of users get in touch or leave negative reviews in the App Store claiming the touch detection in Blueprint is poor and the game does not work properly. This is actually incorrect, but we can understand why they feel this way. In Blueprint, we introduced Scissors. Playing against Scissors is like playing a game of Chess. You move, they move, you move, they move. You CANNOT move whilst the scissors are cutting, and it is for this reason users incorrectly feel the dots have become unresponsive. They are trying to move before the Scissors have finished. And if they are playing with the sound off, there is no way for them to know their touch has been detected.

So what have we done to resolve this issue? Several things. Firstly, we’ve increased the speed with which the scissors move to their next cutting point. Secondly, we’ve increased the speed with which the scissors move having completed a cut. And finally (and perhaps most importantly), we have added a visual warning message which appears if you try to move whilst the Scissors are still cutting. We hope this helps everyone out, and we’re sorry we were unable to communicate the way the Scissors worked in a clearer fashion.

Now onto the good stuff…

Lots of users have gotten in touch and asked if we could add not just new enemies, but also new pencils you could play with. So we have…v1.3 features two new characters, Miss H, a pink pencil with a pink lead, and Professor Prop, a propelling pencil with a green lead. We’ll be adding a new character in each update. To access the character select screen, simply go to Options and tap the Characters button.

Finally, we have lots of requests for new levels already, and we are, as always, working on new levels. As Blueprint was just released however, the next chapter won’t be out several weeks.


  1. Ade
    March 14, 2012

    Thanks for the update! Are you sure there is no bug on level 13 of Blueprint? I see 6 blue dots right? I get all 6 dots and all the stars even, but when I make my final move from the top centre teleport to the red finish dot it says unlucky? But all the dots are covered and I don’t hit anything so what’s happening?

  2. Paul D
    March 14, 2012

    Teleport dots also count. So you need to make sure you’ve visited every teleport dot too. A visit to a teleport dot can be either teleporting from or teleporting to that specific dot.

  3. Ade
    March 14, 2012

    Ah I see thanks. In that case may I make a suggestion to add a counter on each level showing the total number of dots on the screen against how many you have visited. Thanks for the great game, I love this kind of stuff.

  4. kjk1973
    March 18, 2012

    I thought it was pretty clear in the scrolling text on the first page what the scissors did.

    @Ade no there isn’t a bug in 13. You have to remember that the teleports are needing to be touched as well. You are missing the teleport in the middle. 🙂 I had the same problem.

    Great game. Looking forward to the updates. Best puzzle game I’ve played in a long time.

  5. Paul D
    March 18, 2012

    @kjk1973: Thanks for the great feedback, that’s nice to hear. We thought it was fairly clear ourselves, especially with the in game message too, but we’ve had a lot of frustrated users, and figured this visual indication may help eradicate that!

    The teleport dots issue is also something we’re going to look into. I may change the color of teleport dots once they have been visited once, just so users have a visual reference.

    Thanks again.

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