(Please try these first)

Restart your device.
Experience tells us that a hard reset of the device fixes a majority of issues. Note, this is not the same as simply turning the device off and then back on again. To restart the device, hold both the home and power button down simultaneously for around 5 seconds. The screen will go black and eventually the Apple logo will reappear and the device will boot up as normal.

Remove & Reinstall.
If restarting your device has failed to resolve the issue and other applications are functioning correctly, then the next step is to remove and reinstall the malfunctioning application. To remove an app, press and hold on its icon, when it wobbles, click the x in the upper-left hand corner. Then visit the App Store to redownload the app. (Note: all non-cloud application data will be lost).

Save The Pencil 2 Support

We're sorry you're experiencing a problem with Save The Pencil 2.

Make sure you read the FAQs, it's very likely someone else has experienced the same problem and that a solution has already been posted. If none of this helps, send us a message below we'll be in touch.


The app crashes when I (insert event here!)?
Always try the suggestions on the left first, but if that doesn’t work, then please send us an email below detailing where the crash occurred and what events preceded it.

I’ve tried level (insert level here!) lots of times and I can’t complete it? Are you sure it’s possible?
In a word, yes! We have throughly tested (i.e. played 100s of times!) all levels and can confirm they can all be completed with three stars, using HB (the standard pencil) and without the addition of any power ups.

If I hit a dot on route to another dot it gets deactivated, even if off. Is this correct?
This is entirely correct. Infact, some levels require you to think about how you can use this to your advantage!

I hit a flip switch and it doesn’t move?
If you hit a flip switch whilst travelling in a perfectly vertical line, it will not be activated.

The game’s music doesn’t play even though I have it turned on?
This could be for a number of reasons. We’ve intentionally designed the game to allow you to listen to your own music in the background, so if you are listening to your favorite album and go in to Save the Pencil 2, the music won’t change. This can in rare occasions mean no music ends up playing because it ‘thinks’ you are listening to your own music even when you are not.

To fix this issue, double tap the home button and close your audio app (Music, Podcast, Downcast, Pandora, Spotify, etc) and Save the Pencil 2. Reopen Save the Pencil 2 and the music should play as normal.

I unlocked the old music, but now want to switch back?
If you go to settings (the gear icon) you will see a new option once you unlock old music. You can tap this toggle button to switch between ‘new’ and ‘old’ music.

I don’t understand how to use P4RC and my P4RC points?
This is a third-party framework. Please visit their website at p4rc.com for more information.

I have some great ideas for Save The Pencil 2…where can I let you know?
Great! Please use the ‘Contact Us’ button on the information page within the app. We love to here our users ideas – many have been implemented into our games.

Report A Problem (Or Provide A Suggestion!)

Please use the form provided to report problems or to provide suggestions for new features or improvements. Make sure you include the name of the app, the version, your device type, and the iOS version your device is running. If you're not sure how to find out this information, don't worry, send what you can and we'll help you with the rest.