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Cocoon - Complex tokenized onchain securities.

May 28, 2023


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Cocoon leverages MUD to let you easily create on-chain entities to represent almost anything, and wrap / unwrap those into a tokenized or securitized form.

For example, a game asset can be pulled out a game, wrapped into an ERC721, traded with another user, who can burn that token to then deploy that asset back to the game in their account.

Cocoon tokenization screen

Users can take it one step further and securitise their game asset. Have an OP character you want to capitalise on but don't want to sell... no problem, simply loan out the character under your terms and claim it back when the loan expires.

Individual properties of financial products can be re-imagined as components, and pieced together to form any type of security. Is this a sale, or a loan? Is it a swap, a future, an option. Is this time limited? How do I maintain access? This can all be represented through upgradeable components and systems.

Cocoon securitization screen

And it doesn't end with game assets, anything that can be represented as an entity can be tokenized or securitized.

Cocoon and beyond screen

The Team

Cocoon was built alone, by our inhouse full stack developer, @pdito.

The Code

The code can be found on github.


Cocoon won the best use award 🥇 from the NFT.Storage team. We're extremely grateful for the recognition 🙏.

The End

Thanks for reading. We would love to hear feedback. You can contact us on Twitter / X or on our homepage.

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