MoshiMoshi - A decentralised, censorship resistant, community driven discussion platform.

2 min read

An ETHGlobal Hackathon project, We built MoshiMoshi in an attempt to deliver an app that feels native to Web2 users, but benefits from all Web3 has to offer, such a verifiable authorship, and fully decentralised, censorship resistant content.

by PDiTO on Aug 18, 2023

Cocoon - Complex tokenized onchain securities.

2 min read

Cocoon lets you leverage the power of MUD to create complex on-chain entities that can be tokenized or securitized.

by PDiTO on May 28, 2023

Vibe - An onchain, social participation protocol.

2 min read

Vibe was built at EthTokyo, to allow web3 users to capture connections at events, which are then minted onchain in a shareable meme. Event organisers can gamify participation and champion those who contribute the most.

by PDiTO on Apr 13, 2023

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