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ZenMon - Nurture, Save.

Mar 20, 2024


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ZenMon banner screen



Everyone knows they should save, but its always way down the list of priorities. ZenMon tries to solve this. Imagine taking care of a virtual pet, but instead of in-app purchases, ZenMon locks that money away for a rainy day. The more you save, and the longer you lock your funds up for, the happy your little ZenMon is. Once the timelock expires, you're free to withdraw your funds when you wish.

Create monster screen

Users start by selecting a monster they vibe with and giving them a name. This mints a soulbound NFT to the user's wallet. The monster's status is fully onchain.

Main ZenMon screen

Once your monster exists, you have to take care of it. Use various tokens to buy items that boost its energy and mood. These tokens are then locked away as savings for the user.

Main ZenMon screen - energy up

Changes to the monster's energy and mood are visually indicated. The effectiveness of boosts is a function of their type, cost and also how long the user locks funds up.

ZenMon vault

Users can browse their vault to see their savings. The vault shows the user how much longer they have to wait before they can withdraw their funds.

The Team

ZenMon was built by our inhouse full stack developer, @pdito.


Feel free to try the ZenMon beta. I suggest connecting to Base Sepolia. Note, withdrawals are disabled so don't waste testnet tokens.

The Code

The code can be found on github.


ZenMon won the best gaming use award 🥇 from the Apecoin team. It also received awards from Arbitrum and Chiliz. We're extremely grateful for the recognition 🙏.

The End

Thanks for reading. We would love to hear feedback. You can contact us on Twitter / X or on our homepage.

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