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Vibe - An onchain, social participation protocol.

Apr 13, 2023


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A vibe event meme



Vibe is web-based frontend application, that leverages blockchain technology to enhance the experience of both in person and remote events. Once users mint a profile, they can then be invited to participate in events and share memories with their wider communities.

Event organisers can incentivise user behaviour, offer rewards and customise the staging of the memories based on these, which are captured on-chain in a sharable fashion.

Over the longer term, Vibe will allow organisers to gamify every aspect of social events, and champion those who contribute the most, letting them capture that moment in a permanent on-chain memory.

Vibe profile creation screen
Vibe event participation screen

The Team

Vibe was built by just two people, our inhouse full stack developer, @pdito and a talented artist and creative from Thailand, @Rinna.


Vibe won the best contribution award 🥇 from the Apecoin team. We're extremely grateful for the recognition 🙏.

Vibe also received notable recognition from the Polygon team 🏆.

The End

Thanks for reading. We would love to hear feedback. You can contact us on Twitter / X or on our homepage.

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