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MoshiMoshi - A decentralised, censorship resistant, community driven discussion platform.

Aug 18, 2023


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The MoshiMoshi Logo



MoshiMoshi is a decentralised, censorship resistant, community driven discussion platform, currently deployed on Optimism. MoshiMoshi allows you create threads, comment on threads, comment on those comments and so on. You can upvote individual threads and comments, giving them a more prominent position in the UI. Think Reddit, decentralised.

Threads Screenshot
Thread Screenshot

There is also a public chat functionality, allowing individuals to converse directly between wallets or ens, in public.

Chat Screenshot

Ethereum Attestation Service

MoshiMoshi leverages the ethereum attestation service as a quasi-backend. Every interaction on the site creates an attestation, whether thats a new thread, a comment, a chat message, or an update to your profile. All this data is public and verifiable.

The Roadmap

Potential developments we may add in future include:

  • Superchain support. All your data, aggregated across all chains. Your connected chain only dictates where you push updates too.
  • Better thread organisation, search, and high level categorisation.
  • Enchanced onchain data on profiles.
  • Expansion of the platform to support retroactive, public goods funding.
  • And lots more...


Feel free to try the MoshiMoshi beta. I suggest connecting to Base Goerli or Optimism Goerli for the best experience.

The End

Thanks for reading. We would love to hear feedback. You can contact us on Twitter / X or on our homepage.

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